New RIGOL Arbitrary Waveform Generator Redefines Performance for Entry Level Instruments

RIGOL Technologies, Inc. announces an expansion of their Waveform Generator Portfolio. The new DG1022Z gives budget constrained customers an uncompromised solution with advanced features typically reserved for much higher price points. Now Makers, Educators, and IoT designers working with both electrical and RF applications can build long complex arbitrary waves, generate 8th order harmonics, create advanced modulations and inject random noise. RIGOL Online are delivering this product for only £290.00!

With 25MHz max sine wave and square wave frequency, 2 full function independent channels, exceptionally long Arb memory length, and 160+ built in waveforms, the RIGOL DG1022Z brings the award winning capabilities of the DG1000Z family down to the value market.  Customers with limited budgets will no longer need to work around their equipment’s compromised functionality because the DG1022Z delivers:

    • 25MHz Sine/25MHz Square wave frequency
    • 2 Full function independent channels
    • 8 Order harmonic generator
    • AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, and PWM Modulation
    • 2Mpts Standard Memory (16M Optional)
    • SiFi Sampling Technology for improved Signal Fidelity

  • Built in 7 Digit Counter
  • +160 Standard Waveforms

The DG1022Z extends the DG1000Z portfolio to 3 models (25, 30, and 60MHz) providing the same unprecedented value at each point.

Mike Rizzo, General Manager RIGOL USA, explains: "Adding the 25MHz DG1022Z is an exciting extension to our portfolio.  Now customers with small budgets will not need to struggle with restricted function channels, limited standard waveforms, and no advanced generation capabilities.  We will provide them all the capabilities available in significantly more expensive generator solutions.  RIGOL continues to re-define price performance for basic instrumentation by delivering advanced capabilities and unprecedented value.”

The DG1022Z is available and shipping today.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. 


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