Rigol DG1022 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

Rigol DG1022 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

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About the Rigol DG1022 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator


The Rigol DG1022 function/arbitrary waveform generator uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology. The waveform generators are able to generate accurate, stable, clean, low distortion signals.  Each channel can create sine, square, ramp, pulse,or noise signals and coordinate with the other channel. These instruments each have 2 channels with the 2nd channel having a lower voltage output. The Rigol DG1022 can output 4055 point arbitrary waves.

Rigol DG1022 Key Features

  • Advanced Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 output channels, built-in counter, 20MHz maximum output frequency (5 MHz max square wave)
  • Monochrome LCD display
  • 3.5 standard waveforms and DC outputs. 48 preset arbitrary waveforms, 10 groups of 4kpts arbitrary waveforms.
  • Multi modulation functions: AM, FM, PM, FSK, and linear/logarithm Sweep and Pulse train waveform outputs
  • Connectivity: USB Host, USB Device.


Rigol DG1022 Accessories Included


  • Power Cord
  • Free Firmware Verification
  • Free PDI and Safety Test
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • £10 Amazon Voucher
Maximum Output Frequency 20 MHz (5 MHz square wave)
Output Channels 2
Sample Rate 100 MSa/s
Arbitrary Waveform Length CH1: 2 pts - 4kpts CH2: 2 pts - 1kpts
Resolution μHz

CH1: 2 mVpp ~ 10 Vpp(50 Ω),4 mV ~ 20 Vpp(High Z)

CH2: 2 mVpp ~ 3 Vpp(50 Ω),4 mV ~ 6 Vpp(High Z)

Vertical Resolution

CH1: 14 bits

CH2: 10 Bits

Standard Interface USB Host & device