Rigol DS6000-DK Demo Board

Rigol DS6000-DK Demo Board

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About the Rigol DS6000-DK Demo Board

The Rigol DS6000-DK Demo board is used for demonstrate the basic functions of the oscilloscope. The Rigol DS6000-DK is powered through a USB port and can output 25 kinds of signals for the illustration of oscilloscope functions. 

Rigol DS6000-DK Demo Board Features


  • Frequent abnormal signal
  • Manual abnormal signal
  • Manual burst
  • Narrow pulse
  • Sine signal superimposed with glitch
  • Square signal superimposed with glitch
  • Crosstalk signal 
  • RS232/UART signal
  • SPI signal
  • I2C signal
  • CAN signal
  • Signals for testing logic analyser
  • Square signal
  • Sine signal
  • Digital-to-analog (DA) signal
  • Differential signal
  • PAL video signal
  • NTSC video signal
  • Amplitude modulated signal (AM)
  • Sine signal superimposed with noise
  • Slow sweep signal 
  • Fast sweep signal
  • Rare abnormal signal board