Rigol MSO1104Z-S 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Rigol MSO1104Z-S 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

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About the Rigol MSO1104Z-S 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The MSO1104Z-S is the new economic level Digital Oscilloscope from Rigol to meet the customer's applications with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities. MSO1104Z-S 4 channel oscilloscope has a 100 MHz bandwidth with a 7 inch display and a 16 bit digital input port for mixed signal applications as well as a host of options.

Rigol MSO1104Z-S Key Features

  • 100 MHz Bandwidth, 4 channels
  • 16 Digital channels for Mixed Signal analysis
  • 1G Sa/s Real-time Sample Rate
  • 12Mpts (Std.) and 24Mpts (Opt.) Memory Depth
  • Up to 30,000wfms/s Waveform Capture Rate


Rigol MSO1104Z-S Accessories Included

  • Power Cord
  • RPL1116
  • USB Data Cable
  • 4 PVP2150 Probes
  • Resource CD (User's Guide and Application Software)
  • Free Firmware Verification
  • Free PDI and Safety Test
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • £10 Amazon Voucher
Frequency 100 MHz
Channels 4 Analogue
16 Digital
Sample Rate Analogue: 1 GSa/s (1Ch), 500 MSa/s (2Ch), 250 MSa/s (3 or 4Ch) 
Digital: 1 GSa/s (8 channels), 500 MSa/s (16 channels)
Memory Depth Analogue: 12 Mpts (24 Mpts Optional) 
Digital: 12 Mpts (24 Mpts Optional)
Waveform Capture Rate 30,000 wfms/s
Time-Base Accuracy ≤±25ppm
Time-Base Drift ≤±5ppm/year
Time-Base Scale 5ns/div to 50s/div
Waveform Capture Rate Up to 30,000
Input Impedance Analogue: 1 MΩ ± 2% // 13pF ± 3pF 
Digital: 100 kΩ ± 1% // 8pF ± 3pF
Vertical Scale Analogue: 1mV/div to 10V/div 
Digital: Threshold Range ±15V in 10mV 
Display 7" WVGA (800x480) TFT LCD
Size (WxHxD) 313.1mm x 160.8mm x 122.4mm
Weight 3.2kg ± 0.2kg (without package)

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